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Small Talkers is a Spanish language immersion program following all the requirements of a preschool. Our teachers make learning a new language fun by incorporating games, art, music, dance, reading, writing, imaginative play, and lots of other fun activities. Whether at the art table with friends or up on our stage, your child will have a great time at Small Talkers while learning Spanish.


About the Small Talkers Language Program

Small Talkers Language Program was modeled after a highly successful immersion program and perfected over many years through the experiences of thousands of students. A large part of the Small Talkers program is activity-based. Our facility boasts clean and spacious indoor and outdoor areas that are stocked with all the tools necessary for imaginative play. We encourage children to be creative and expressive by supplying them with toys that develop dexterity and other vital skills; structured time to participate in music, dance, theater, and art; and reading and writing time for older children.

The Small Talkers program is customized for children aged 14 months to seven or eight years old (third grade). Please visit the Sessions & Fees page for more information. Licensed, professional teachers spend one-on-one time with each child by guiding her or him in every step of the journey toward learning about new cultures and languages through a variety of fun-filled, educational activities.

Why Small Talkers?

Young children are able to pick up languages very quickly. Our goal at Small Talkers is to help families with interests in other cultures and languages provide their children with opportunities to open their minds to the joys and rewards of embracing diversity. We make the learning process fun with an activity-based program that is easy for any child to transition into at any age. Your child will begin speaking Spanish words and phrases quickly, while at the same time learning songs and skits, and creating works of art to show off to family. Did we mention all the new friends your child will make?

Experts know that learning a language at a young age facilitates the ease at which one is able to learn languages at an older age. Language-learning skills develop important areas of the brain. By starting your child on this process early, you are ensuring that he or she will develop a life-long love for and ability towards learning something that for many is a daunting task. For answers to your frequently asked questions about immersion programs and a list of resources on language development and the benefits of learning a second language, please visit our FAQs.


Why Spanish?

Many families effectively “lost” their heritage when they “lost” their language of origin. While these languages of origin are many — each important and unique — we focus on Spanish. Spanish is spoken by an estimated 350 million people around the world and is currently the 4th most commonly spoken language worldwide. Spanish is the second most spoken language in California, and Spanish speakers currently make up more than 20% of the Bay Area’s population. “Learning the language” is a key step in appreciating any culture, and we strive to bring that exposure to your child in daily activity that will make them want to learn more.


Already Fluent?

Some of our students come to us already fluent in Spanish. For these students Small Talkers is a great outlet where they can speak to other children in their native language. Children who enter the Small Talkers program already fluent in Spanish are a great asset to the teachers and other children. They are a joy to have as little helpers, and their confidence grows enormously as they are exposed to more people who appreciate them for who they are. Even though these children will be more advanced than others their same age, they will be kept with age appropriate classes for better socialization.